2006 Race Across Oregon

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70 minutes

Incredible climbs, breathtaking views and lasting memories are gained as 17 soloists and 19 teams cross Oregon as quick as they can in RAO 2006. Watch as four of the competitors take care of some “unfinished business” of years past, taking on the miles and the final climb up Timberline with great tenacity. This amazing event will draw you in and inspire you to push beyond in whatever you do.

RAO 2006 gives everyone insight into the sport of ultra-cycling. Just what is it that inspires people to aspire to such a challenge? Filmed in the Cascades and Eastern Oregon high desert, RAO 2006 displays the unique beauty of this one of a kind RAAM qualifier.

2005 Race Across Oregon

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82 minutes

Though I did not personally race, this is my video production of the 2005 race. This is one of the best ultra productions you'll find and has many people saying it's the best ultra race coverage they've seen since the 1985 ABC RAAM. Whether you raced this one or not, if you like ultras, you'll enjoy RAO 2005!

Take a ride with RAO 2005 and watch men and women challenge themselves cycling across Oregon as fast as they can. Soloists and various teams stretch their limts as they push through epic climbs, variant weather and other obstacles that accompany a race of this magnitude.

RAO 2005 exhibits the cycling family created by race directors George Thomas & Terri Gooch as well as the exquisite beauty of Oregon’s landscape through the Cascades. In RAO, everyone has a story to tell. Though some may not have finished, each carried their own victory in attempting the RAO challenge.


2003 Personal Video Documentary

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90 minutes
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Get a copy of my 2003 RAAM. It's a 3 episode play by play of our 2003 effort.

Episode 1: Race Across America begins at the start line in San Diego, CA. See the pack of 18 solo riders push through the fiery wasteland of southern California into the high deserts of Arizona and New Mexico. See Allen pull away from the pack in a dramatic sleepless 45 hour first run, and watch as the crew encounters the first of many challenges to keep Allen on the bike.

Episode 2: The flat plains of the American midwest hold their own challenges as Allen continues to gain ground over the rest of the riders. Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana bring their own adventures to Allen and his crew. An on-bike pizza delivery, a long nap in Jefferson City, and close encounters with a citizen of Alton, IL are just part of the adventure across the middle portion of the United States.

Episode 3:Get a firsthand look of what it’s like to be a RAAM crew member! See the adventures of Crew B on a long, late night shift through Ohio, as well as the daytime mechanics of Crew A through the state of Maryland. And see the moving finale to our story when Allen crosses the finish line on the boardwalk in Atlantic City, NJ.

2002 Personal Video Documentary

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84 minutes
(DVD-R or VHS)


It’s Allen’s rookie year and he’s about to find out, the hard way. See Allen and his crew face the numerous challenges RAAM offers, some expected and others a total surprise. Can Allen’s crew keep him going despite these challenges?

Watch as Allen struggles to survive after his neck muscles give way only half way into the race. What’s the crew going to do? Answer: The Traction Contraption. Will this device make it possible to ride for 1500 more miles while his neck is completely unable to support the weight of his head?

As severe saddle sores make it near impossible to remain on the bike, Allen spends 2-1/2 hours in an Alabama emergency room. All the while Germany’s Stephan Lau is closing ground, threatening Allen’s goal for “Rookie Of The Year.”

What unfolds is one of RAAM’s most epic final night battles as Allen, again struggling to survive, passes out in the middle of the Alabama night with Lau only minutes behind.


Find out first what it's like to compete in the "Worlds Toughest Race" Learn how the "Traction Contraption" was invented. See me go delusional in Arkansas. ...Fun for the whole family.

These are not just a home videos. They're well done documentaries telling my personal RAAM stories. By ordering copies you will help me raise the estimated $17,000.00 necessary for me to compete in 2004.

Daily Peleton review!

"An insider's view of Allen and RAAM. Like a good book -- I held my breath a lot and found it hard to stop watching before the end. Keep 'em coming Allen! Makes we want to ride."
Jim Pitre -RAAM Director

2002 video -"This is a 'must see' for any rookie rider and crew member. Veteran riders will also enjoy riding Allen's emotional rollercoaster along with him and the crew. Crocodile Hunter beware! (I enjoyed Mickey's humor!)"

2003 video " It is more than inspirational to see Allen and his crew overcome many obstacles to win RAAM. Especially noteworthy is Allen's crew's mutual forgiveness of each other's human-ness during the race. Allen's crew is funny and light-hearted, yet serious when it mattered, a model crew. Allen is a picture of determination and perserverance.
Seana Hogan - 6 Time Champion

I can say that this is a very good and real accounting of what it is like to be a rider and crew member on RAAM. The video itself was more fun and interesting to me than the OLN version! 17 years on the road with RAAM and this is definitely one
of the best videos I have viewed
, a must see for any newcomer and veterans alike! You will not be disappointed!
Cindi Staiger - 2 Time RAAMster

"I said it on the air, and I'm standing by what I said: I've been covering sports for 20-years, I've seen 'em all come and go, and Allen Larsen is the single toughest athlete I've ever seen. What this man does on a bicycle boggles the mind, breaks the heart, and lifts the spirit."
Eric Johnson - KOMO ABC Seattle

"Allen Larsen has finally answered the question as to whom and where the next American RAAM champion will be and come from. Fourney & Kish were there in the early and mid 90s. I came along in the mid and late 90's, and now Larsen has filled this very important void bringing respect and patriotism back to RAAM in this post 9/11 era/world we now live in."
Danny Chew - 2 Time Champion

"After six months of therapy this was a much needed kick in the butt, saying to me 'Get up and do it!' Having watched the videos I must say I wished I had watched them before starting RAAM 2003. 'Must see' videos for any cyclist thinking of doing RAAM and their crew members. Allen's rides are inspirational and I hope I can learn some 'tricks' from him that help me prolong my RAAM ride in 2005 for some 400 miles or so... Allen, thank you!"
Marko Baloh - 2003 RAAMster

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