Name: Teresa Larsen
Crew status: RAO veteran
Primary role: Training Coach, Support Crew

Allen's Words
I firmly believe it would be impossible to say enough wonderful things about my wife Teresa. As all who know her will agree that she is truly one in a million. No matter what the circumstances she manages to find joy and that “silver lining” that makes being around her such an encouraging experience. Throughout my training and race preparations she has been constantly convincing me that I can do this. It’s rare to find a person that truly does not have a selfish bone in her body, but I was lucky enough to not only find one, but I got to marry her. Teresa has been right there from the start pushing me out the door into the bitter cold to train when I was less than motivated. She is definitely “busy at home” as I Timothy charges by doing all my fundraising, home schooling our 8 year old Kimbrlee, caring for our 3 ½ year old Faith, managing our recording studio and helping others as God allows. Her heart is first to be a Godly woman, second a Godly wife and third a Godly mother. I love Teresa with all my heart and am excited that she will be a part of the road crew in 2006.

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