Name: Larry Larsen
Crew status: Two year RAAM veteran + RAO
Primary role: Support Crew

There’s something incredibly special about having your older brother there when you accomplish a goal. Larry crewing in RAAM 2002, 2003 and helping me cross the finish line meant the world. I couldn’t imagine not having him crew for a 3rd time in 2006. At a very young age, my brother showed the qualities of what it takes to be a true leader putting the goal above the relationship. At 8 years old, I was fired from my first job. Although the immediate impact lasted only 5 minutes as I ran off to play with my friends, the long term lesson became one of great value. My brother has always set the bar high for himself and in the process challenged me to do the same. I guess I would have to credit Larry, along with my parents who always gave all out support growing up, for my extremely competitive spirit and avid desire to strive for excellence in all that I do. Not because I had to or it was expected, but because they always encouraged me to believe I could do whatever I set my mind to. As I set my sights on RAAM 2004 and once again raise the bar, Larry’s presence on the crew will be invaluable. My will is uniquely encouraged to press on when I hear my brother say, “I can’t believe how strong you are” or “you’re impressing the heck out of me.” Anyone else could say those words, but when he says them, they mean more.

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