Name: Scott Campbell
Crew status: Rookie
Primary role: Support Crew

Scott Campbell is one of my oldest friends and is the one who 19 years ago brought me to the Lord. Scott comes with much computer experience, lots of memories and movie lines to talk about over the radio as well as just being someone that I know I can trust fully. He has been a steady friend over the years and has always been someone I could talk deeply with about life or the Lord and he would give me good, sound advice. That is something many people don't have and I'm lucky to have it and know it will be a tool in this year's RAAM. Scott has watched the race for two years and is coming in with the right outlook. He says I am expecting it to be a nightmare and anything above that is just a bonus. Well, I hope that there are abundant bonuses all the way around this year and the nightmare that is expected will turn out to be a pleasant dream. I'm glad I get to share such a life changing event with Scott who shared the life changing event of knowing Christ with me. Scott's wife Luisa will be caring for our girls the first few days and her help is very much appreciated as well!

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