Name: Rob Greenman
Crew status: Rookie
Primary role: Crew

Rob Greenman is also a newby this year. Rob is the kind of guy that can float through any situation and keep a steady head. In the clinch, he will take charge and handle things in a manner that will get whatever needs to be done accomplished. Rob also has a way of looking at things and bringing humor out of them so him and Micky will make an interesting team…who knows what's in store…but we're sure there will be some laughs! Hiswife Miriam is Teresa's best friend and has been of immense support to all our RAAMs and her sacrifice to allow Rob to go does not go unnoticed as is the case with all our crews spouses. Miriam will be bringing our kids to the finish line and meeting her man there as well. We're looking forward to creating some unforgettable memories with Rob on the crew and know he will prove to be a wonderful crew member!

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