Name: Darrell Goodwin
Crew status: Rookie
Primary role: Mechanic

Darrell Goodwin is from Laverne California and loves to fix bikes as a hobby. I have talked to Darrell on the phone and e-mailed several times and in some ways I would say we are twins. Darrell loves cycling, fixing bikes, he's a musician, loves God and his wife home schools their children. Kind of eerie, but more exciting that God would bring this altogether. Of course, with his bike repair skills, this alone makes him a great choice for crew. But, I would say as important as that, he sounds like a team player, like someone who admires the sport and just wants to help in any way he can. What else could you ask for in a crew member in attitude. I am looking forward to getting to know Darrell in person and am sure that the bonds created through this event for the crew and myself will be long lasting. We can't say thank you enough to Darrell and his family for giving in this way…but thank you.


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