Name: Beau Langfitt
Crew status: three year RAAM veteran + PAC tour
Primary role: Massage Therapist

Beau Langfitt is from Mt. Vernon, Ohio and was a direct and immediate answer to prayer. We realized we needed a 10th crew member because of a 3 rd vehicle donated to us by Cascade Auto and the next week Beau called offering to crew. Beau has followed Allen's race for 2 years and has prayed for him throughout that time. He has crewed 3 times for RAAM, done Pac Tour, is a Massage Therapist and knows the Lord. We were speechless at the way Beau will fill in gaps we weren't even planning to fill. Beau sounds like a perfect fit for the team this year and will bring much with his experience to compliment the already excellent crew we have. In talking with Beau, there is a comraderie that is automatic because of the race itself, but also just in general. The only drawback is he's a cat lover and I'm a dog lover so we're hoping we can overcome this one area in RAAM. Seriously though, again we are blessed and grateful for this addition to our crew and pray that Beau and his family are rewarded greatly for their sacrifices in volunteering for this event.

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