Name: Peter Anunson
Crew status: one year RAAM veteran
Primary role: Crew Chief

Occupation: Founded an IT Consulting firm.

Interests, hobbies: Hiking, tropical beaches, being able to relax with my wife.

Family: Wife and 2 teenage boys

What made you want to crew?

  • Help my friend Allen
  • A desire to compete in events…but finding it easier to help someone else and let them do the hard work.
  • The challenge of doing something – and doing it well.

What made you want to crew again?

  • Help my friend Allen.
  • A desire to improve on RAAM 2002. The challenge to do it better – much better.
  • Going across the country at 17mph is actually quite scenic and a great mental break from the world.
  • The gentleness and quietness of the trip (if you’re not the one pedaling)
    Very fond memories of last years experience with Greg and Mickey. And the desire to experience that again.
  • Found it very interesting to study and analyze all participants and crew of RAAM. Personalities, work habits, thought processes, etc.
    Wanting to see what Jim can invent this year.
  • The food. Wait – no that’s not it. The lack of food and how it helps you lose weight. Not because food is not available, but because you actually feel guilty having decent food when Allen is on his bike drinking his meals.


  • Not many.
  • Just the need of always analyzing and trying to understand what Allen is experiencing and what he would expect from the crew in each situation.
  • My mind won’t turn off and stop strategizing and running through ‘what if’ scenarios.
  • Don’t need a comfortable bed to get good nights sleep.

Favorite memories, funny moments, etc… from last year:

  • Fending off wild beasts in Wyoming.
  • Mickey walking into the van with his face.
  • Sunsets and sunrises.
  • Watching the crew go ‘loopy’ when lacking sleep.
  • Watching Allen eat after the race was completed


What is RAAM to you? (may tie in with reason for crewing)

  • A bunch of crazy guys on bikes

Allen's Words

Peter is just someone who thinks like I do, don't we all want friends like that? It sure keeps us from arguing. But seriously, I see this as a very important part of a crew chief as he might understand my thoughts a little better than others would. He will be key in keeping track of stats, food intake, course route and the details that others through delirium may lose sight of. He will need to be my brain at times to remind me how far to push myself to make my goals, hills, etc... His personality is one of steadiness. He just does not lose his cool which will be vital on a trek across America under grueling conditions. His level of sacrifice to join me on this endeavor is invaluable to me and has caused me to see that he is definitely a true friend and gives of himself above his own needs and circumstances. Something I admire and value and hope to glean from him as our friendship continues to grow. Peter's presence on RAAM 2003 will prove irreplaceable I'm sure, as the hours run into days and days into a week.

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