Name: Micky Hartman
Crew status: one year RAAM veteran
Primary role: crew, comic relief

Allen's Words
Although we weren’t sure what role Micky would actually play in RAAM, his contribution last year was priceless. His humor kept the crew awake and alert many times in the wee early morning hours. One of the crew members said that he didn’t know what he would have done without Micky. He would bring a smile when the crew could barely keep their eyes open and he would bring assurance to me at times when I really needed it. Almost every memorable moment seemed to include Micky and without him my RAAM documentary would have lost some definite flavor. RAAM 2003 being more calculated and driven with high goals needs him more then ever. It wasn’t just his humor, but also his commited heart to seeing me cross the finish line. With experience and his Austin Powers teeth, I know Micky will again be one of the main highlights to my RAAM 2003.

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