Name: Jim Miller
Crew status: one year RAAM veteran
Primary role: Crew

As a math, science and photography teacher of Allen's many years ago, we developed a strong bond with our shared love of the outdoors which lead from his first distance bike trip (30 miles) to climbing Mount Rainier with many memories in between. I still teach and love the interaction with the curious teenage mind. Since meeting my wife, raising five wonderful children (Jacob, Tosonna, Megan, Genna, and Chelsea and getting involved in our new hobby, farming, there has been much less time for my former hobbies including hang-gliding, sailing, etc. I used to think about how long it would take for me to ride across America, (I do hope to do that some day), and remember a friend telling me that it had been done in a couple of weeks. I never thought that would be possible. But...
I've always been up for a challenge and when Allen talked about RAAM I figured what a good way to see some country and I might be able to help. What I didn't expect was the intensity of the entire event. I only vaguely remember the country side from Portland to Pensacola. I do remember the intense problem solving and the tremendous elation with the successes along the way along with the unbelievable commitment of Allen, his crew, family, and friends. If I get a few moments to contemplate RAAM 2002, I get absorbed in what went well, what could be different, and how I might make a difference in 2003. Allen is a world class athlete and human being. I wouldn't miss an opportunity to crew for him. We are going for the record!

Allen's Words
We all have that one person in our lives, that special someone outside of our family who gave their time, energies and resources to help mold and shape who we are today. I would have to say Jim Miller is that to me. Throughout my high school years, he not only taught me mathematics and photography, but also exposed me to various areas that changed my outlook on life. With hiking, mountaineering, rock climbing, bicycling and many other activities outside of the classroom, I learned about the outdoors and the amazing feeling of accomplishment in overcoming fears as well as mastering the drive to push myself. There was a sense of self confidence that began to rise up in me and caused me to try new things. Jim was responsible for taking me on my first long distance ride - 55 miles and exposed me to that four letter word - hill. Although it seemed long at the time, now with 2976 miles ahead of me, it doesn't even classify as a warm up. And, that large "hill," that required a break half way, is a mere bump in the road compared to the Rockies. Already in the role of mentor, I am honored to have Jim as a supporter of this event. He will be resourceful in bike repairs, overall knowledge and a great encouragement as a long time, respected teacher and friend. I do not doubt that I will continue to learn much from him as we train together and attempt yet another RAAM in 2003.

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