Name: Jack Bettelon
Crew status: rookie
Primary role: crew

Occupation: Accountant

Interests, hobbies: Running, Backpacking, Investing

Family: Married with two adult chldren

Faith: Catholic

What made you want to crew? Watching last year's race on the internet

What made you want to crew again?!: Wanted to be a part of a team in the most demanding race on earth.

Abilities: Know a little bit about a lot of things

Irritating habits (optional) :-)

Favorite memories, funny moments, etc... from last year: Watching the race
on the internet, Danny Chew's chronicles

What is RAAM to you? (may tie in with reason for crewing): RAAM is the
ultimate endurance race.

Anything else you can think of that may be relevant: Want to be part of a
championship team.

Allen's Words
Although I do not know Jack well personally, he has worked with my brother for years and seems to be a very even-keeled person. Larry has commented that in all the years he’s known Jack, he has never seen him get angry, which is a meaningful quality for such an intense event as RAAM. He is a marathon runner and so understands the importance of perseverance. He also understands my desire to use my experience from last year and give it all I’ve got in 2003. From what I understand, Jack also has a McGyver type mind, which can never be a negative quality in a race such as RAAM. He has committed to join in a few of my 24 hour training rides to gain experience and I look forward to getting to know him better during that time. Thank you Jack for joining the team.

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