Name: Greg Reynolds
Crew status: one year RAAM veteran
Primary role: Motor Home Driver

Crewing for Allen on RAAM 2002 was my first ultra cycling event. I'm not an athlete, but it was exciting to see so many world-class athletes from around the world, even if they are a little crazy. I enjoyed the cross-country adventure and all of the crewing challenges. The most exciting moments were when Allen would pass people. The most difficult moments were either seeing Allen in pain or smelling empty Ensure cans in the pace van. This year we will be more experienced in crewing, and that will undoubtedly help Allen take first place this year. We will be sure to bring lots of duct tape. I think my primary job this year will be driving the motorhome and rolling command station, but I'll try to help in any way I can. Why crew again? Hey, if my friend and brother in Christ is crazy enough to peddle across the country again, I'll crew again. To win this year, all Allen needs to do is peddle faster and never stop to sleep. I believe in him. He has my prayers and respect. Lots of each. Win the prize, my brother, win the prize.

Allen's Words
If there was one word that comes to mind when I think of Greg, it is wisdom. If there was another word, it would be humor. You put the two together and watch out. He is a man of chosen words that are usually well thought out and timed precisely. It is actually these two elements that drew me to asking Greg to "crew" with me. His wisdom will guide the crew to think instead of react. It will most likely be crucial at times of decision. His humor will save the moment in times of exhaustion for the crew and me. Greg has already proven to be a prime choice for the crew as he has taken various steps to prepare himself for RAAM 2002. Immediately upon being asked to join me, he began reading up on RAAM, bicycling (down Third street), asking many questions and taking a full interest in this race, not to mention coming up with whimsical ways to make me smile already. Greg is not only my friend, but also a spiritual mentor as well. He has modeled sincerity, trust, perseverance, stability and the desire to seek God and His word at a much deeper level. I believe Greg will be an integral part of the crew and I look forward with great anticipation at the way he will impact my performance in RAAM 2003.

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