Name: Dave Zapel
Crew status: one year RAAM veteran
Primary role: Crew

Allen's Words

Name: Beke Zapel
Crew status: rookie
Primary role: Masseuse, Crew Cook

Becky - married 20 years to my high school sweetheart (David, also a crew member). I've been a stay at home mom since the birth of our first son 16 years ago. We have 4 boys ages 16,13,11,11. For the past 9 years we have live in Cle Elum minus 2 1/2 years we lived in Alaska due to work. Currently, my time is spent homeschooling the 3 younger boys.
When the kids were in public school, I enjoyed being a teachers aid and substitute teacher for special reading. I enjoy helping in dramas and being involved with music. I have been assistant director for 5 plays and acted in 3. As a family we enjoy camping in the summer, traveling, and watching kids play various school and community sports. I have served in many different areas of our church as well - most recently being Director of Women's Ministries for 2 years. I have also traveled to Chile', Ecuador, and Peru on missions trips as well as toured southeast United States with a music group called the Continentals. I am looking forward to going on RAAM and serving a great group of guys who are determined to see Allen take 1st place. I am trusting that the abilities God has given me will be multiplied and filled with grace and love.

Dave and his wife Beke have been friends for the last several years. Last year Dave proved more valuable as RAAM waged on. When he was crewing, he was a great source of encouragement to keep me going and obviously cared about me as a person. This was especially evident when I went delirious in Arkansas. He talked to me for a good 20 minutes trying to jog my memory as to where I was, what I was doing and our history as friends together. He then made sure I was ok and yet kept me going. Back in Oklahoma when my neck failed, Dave kept telling me “give us time, we’ll figure this neck thing out, keep going and just give us time.” I know when it comes to the low times in RAAM 2003, I can count on Dave to help keep me going. This year his wife Beke will be joining the crew. Her mainstay will be in the motor home caring for the crew. She will be preparing meals and helping organize crew stops and changes. Beke has also been taking massage lessons from a professional massage therapist and will be ready to use these new skills on my sleep breaks. Being a wonderful mother and wife, nurturing runs in her veins so I know she will be invaluable to the crew and to me.

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