Name: Cint Dunn
Crew status: RAO veteran
Primary role: home support

Allen's Words
Clint is one of my lifelong friends and we have been through a lot of adventures together. From BMX biking up the ridge as kids, summitting Washington’s major volcanos as young adults, recently scaling Snow Creek wall and numerous other outings, we have indeed experienced much together. Having crewed during my Race Across Oregon qualifying event in 2000, his familiarity with endurance events, though limited, is certainly a step up from our predominately “rookie” crew in ’02. Clint has a unique sense of humor and his laugh alone will bring laughter to almost anyone. He has servant’s heart, will help anyone in need and understands that RAAM will utilize and tax these qualities unlike any other event on earth. Though hectic schedules and family commitments have lessened our time together, I know that Clint will always be there.

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