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Name: Adam Ratliff
Crew status: rookie
Primary role: Videographer

Occupation: full time student at the wonderful University of Idaho, the best campus in the northwest!

Interests, hobbies: no time for that, too much school.

Family: I've got incredible parents and siblings in Cle Elum, and an incredible church family in Moscow/Pullman.

What made you want to crew?

  • See the country.
  • Be on TV.
  • Get to make TV.
  • Fufill internship credits.
  • To get to hang out with Allen, one of the most inspiring guys I've even known.


  • Can shoot, edit, and release video footage so the rest of the crew can concentrate on Allen and his bike.
  • Keep good records and handel the 'press' aspects of the race.
  • Intercessory prayer.

Favorite memories, funny moments, etc… from last year:

  • Finding out yet another thing that Allen is great at.


What is RAAM to you? (may tie in with reason for crewing)

  • An opportunity to be part of something special.

Allen's Words
Adam is adding a new position to the crew – film editor. His primary job will be taking footage that has been shot each day, adding some spice with video editing skills, placing ready-made commercials for top sponsors and sending 15-20 minute updates to our local cable channel. We have known Adam for years through our church and he has always been quite advanced in his knowledge of camera, video and other technological areas. We have marveled at several projects he has put together over the years and know that he will add a special flavor to the video aspect as well as RAAM overall. On a personal note, Adam has grown immensely over the last two years at the University of Idaho. Through his church there, Adam has learned much about life, serving and the One whom he serves as he has made several friends there and has been walking through a mentorship program. It is obvious to see the many positive ways Adam has been impacted and the maturity that has been gained in the Lord as well as a young man. We know that all of this will also aid to Adam’s addition to the crew as he will serve in any way he can and we know we can count on him. Adam’s dependability has always been a great quality and is only more his character today. We appreciate all the hours he will have put into RAAM preparing clips and caring for the website as well as the time during and after working on various video items. Thank you for giving of your talents, serving and for just being you.

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