Allen's Neck forces early retirement
and gear liqudation

Allen gets metabolic testing done at Seattle's Real Rehab

Allen Elected Ultra Cyclist of the Year 2003!!!

RAAM 2005 Crewing for Marko Baloh

My Article "AWhole New Outlook"

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2005 Race Across Oregon now available!

- Allen's Race Record -

  • 2003 RAAM - 1st place overall with sub nine day crossing, one of only 15 men to ever do so and the 13th man to ever win solo RAAM.
  • 2002 RAAM - 3rd place overall with "Rookie of the year" honors,
    along with the "Ian Sandbach inspirational award" and The Kosciusko MS Prime.
  • 2001 RAMROD - not officially timed, but believed to have had the best solo time.
  • 2001 Race Across Oregon – (508 miles) 1st place with 2 ½ hour margin over 2nd.
  • 2000 S2S (Seattle to Spokane, 280 miles) - 1st place finish.
  • 2000 Cannonball – (Seattle to Spokane, 275 miles) - 1st place and new course record.


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